Sea Glass Obsession

I’ve had a long obsession with sea glass going back to a time when I would find the beautiful pieces amongst the pebbles and not know what they were.

Shades of sea glass

Sea glass for those who don’t know is old bottles and jars that have been discarded in to the sea over the centuries, worn down to smooth organic forms by the constant ebb and flow of the tide, eventually washing up on the shoreline, resting in the sand awaiting discovery. Recycling at its best.

These beautiful translucent pieces can be found in many colours, the most unusual being reds and oranges, some can date back as far as the 17th century. The glass can be found in many shapes depending on the original shape of the shard and the length of time that it has been tumbled in the ocean.

My love of sea glass was one of the things that got me started making jewellery, I was in awe of some of the beautiful pieces that jewellers made using these humble old bits of glass, and I became determined to do the same myself.


Sea glass poster

There is a real community of seaglass collectors out there one of whom has created this amazing work of art.

This poster available from made by meg has 81 sea glass colours which have been classified and officially named and it makes finding sea glass even more fun. I haven’t yet found a piece that doesn’t match one of the colours included, and they have beautiful names like ‘wintergreen’, ‘cranberry’ and my favourite ‘Caribbean’ of which I am the proud owner of one piece.


I really enjoy making custom sea glass jewellery so if you have a special piece of sea glass that holds special memories of a beautiful holiday, or a lovely day at the beach  please contact me, so that I can make it into something beautiful you can wear forever.making a custom sea glass ring



    HI Kerry
    I’m awaiting a rockpool ring which I can’t wait to receive and too am an avid collector of sea glass, which my children and I have collected for many year in Brittany, Devon and Wales.
    I have a lovely aqua piece which I would love to have made into a ring if possible as it was collected by my husband last summer.
    Look forward to hearing from you,
    Kind regards,

    • kerry says:

      Hi Amanda, your rock pools ring is almost ready, I just need to set the stone then it will be on its way to you. Yes I’d love to make you a ring with your sea glass. If you can send me a picture to I can let you know if it looks suitable and we can go from there. Thanks so much for ordering xxxxx