Commissions – Amy’s Engagement Ring

I love getting orders for commissions.

Last year I was contacted by Amy who had moved away from the Welsh coast and wanted a little piece of it included in her engagement ring. Amy had lots of lovely ideas to incorporate sea glass or pieces of shell into the ring and had a wide selection of sea glass to choose from. Her final decision was to use a beautiful piece of quartz she had found on the beach. She had seen some images of rough diamond rings that she liked and she decided she would like a simple silver rough edged setting, on a silver band.

Quartz stone for commission Making the Quartz ring



The quartz arrived and I sent Amy the options for her band, she chose a slim delicate square band. This picture, which looks like a slightly confused alien is the ring in progress, with the band made and the bezel setting made. After soldering the setting to the band and setting the stone, the ring was on its way to Amy’s Fiance. My only problem was that I failed to take any pictures of the finished ring. Thankfully Amy was happy to oblige and sent some beautiful pictures of her ring.

Quartz ring

It was an absolute joy to make Amy’s special ring, if you have a beautiful stone or piece of sea glass, or perhaps a stone from an old piece of jewellery that you’d like making into a ring please contact me here I would love to be able to make something unique for you.